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IDT and Color Transfer-Based Color Calibration for Images Taken by Different Cameras
Yoshiaki UedaHideaki MisawaTakanori KogaNoriaki SuetakeEiji Uchino
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2020 年 24 巻 1 号 p. 123-133


Images of the same object taken by multiple different cameras should have the same color reproduction. However, the images sometimes show different color reproduction due to the individual differences of cameras or internal camera parameters automatically determined when the images are taken. Conventional color transfer methods can be used for unifying the color reproduction of images by transforming the color distribution of an image to that of a reference image. However, conventional methods do not always lead to a good color reproduction and sometimes result in the loss of color impression of original images. In the present paper, we propose a color calibration method for images of the same object taken by different cameras. Two color transfer methods are combined to realize color calibration without the loss of color impression of an original image. Resultant images obtained by the color transfer methods are appropriately mixed into an output image. In experiments, the proposed method is applied to a variety of images and the effectiveness of the proposed method is confirmed by subjective and objective evaluations.



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