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Special Issue on Cutting Edge of Reinforcement Learning and its Hybrid Methods
Hierarchical Reward Model of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Enhancing Cooperative Behavior in Automated Driving
Kenji Matsuda Tenta SuzukiTomohiro HaradaJohei MatsuokaMao TobisawaJyunya HoshinoYuuki ItohKaito KumagaeToshinori KagawaKiyohiko Hattori
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2024 年 28 巻 2 号 p. 431-443


In recent years, studies on practical application of automated driving have been conducted extensively. Most of the research assumes the existing road infrastructure and aims to replace human driving. There have also been studies that use reinforcement learning to optimize car control from a zero-based perspective in an environment without lanes, one of the existing types of road. In those studies, search and behavior acquisition using reinforcement learning has resulted in efficient driving control in an unknown environment. However, the throughput has not been high, while the crash rate has. To address this issue, this study proposes a hierarchical reward model that uses both individual and common rewards for reinforcement learning in order to achieve efficient driving control in a road, we assume environments of one-way, lane-less, automobile-only. Automated driving control is trained using a hierarchical reward model and evaluated through physical simulations. The results show that a reduction in crash rate and an improvement in throughput is attained by increasing the number of behaviors in which faster cars actively overtake slower ones.



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