Journal of Atmospheric Electricity
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Sudden amplitude and phase changes in subionospheric VLF transmitter signals observed at Agra, India
Vikram SinghShikha AgrawalBirbal Singh
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 30 巻 1 号 p. 53-62


The amplitude and phase of VLF transmitter signals NWC (19.8 kHz), NPM (21.4 kHz), and NAA (24 kHz) have been monitored at Agra (geomag. lat. 17.10°N, L=1.15), India using AbsPAL receiver for a period of three years between 01 September, 2002 and 30 August, 2005. Seven cases of abrupt amplitude and phase changes have been identified which varied between 3 and 7 dB and 40° and 80° respectively. The onset duration varied around 5 sec. The observed characteristics have been examined in the light of lightning induced electron precipitation (LEP), solar flares, and lightning, and finally attributed to early/slow perturbation caused by distant sprites and lightning along the propagation paths.

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