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Vol. 10 (1968) No. 1 p. 24-30



(1) The nature of the ground around Dangyo Mineral Waters is composed of the rhyolitic tuff and dacitic tuff of the volcanic activitiy in cretaceous period.
(2) Powerful mineral waters in this area gush out from the intersecting point between the joint in NE side and the one in NW side of pyroclastic rock mass.
Mineral Waters contain a large quantity of CO2 gas, and rgister 14-15°C in the temperature.
(3) Electric resistivities in this area was indicative of 450∼5 Ω-m.
(4) γrays in the soil in this area was indicative of 350∼820 CPM. The soils which lie at the depth of 0.4 meters in the point indicating the highestγrays intensity, are analysed by theγrays spectrometer concerning theirγrays energy. From the result of analysis, the presence of U or Th system radioactive nuclide and K40can be inferred.
(5) From the result of aquifer test of the well, transmissibility coefficient was indicative of 2.108×10-5m2/sec.

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