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Vol. 15 (1973) No. 2 p. 43-56



The main contents introduced in this paper are as followings.1. About mechanism of this method.
We can consider the deep well whose strainers are set in unconfined aquifer and confined aquifer, as the water way which connects confined water and unconfined water (the concidered well is such as combination type of collective well (radial collector well) and normal deep well.
In such area as confined water head is depressed excessively, unconfined water flows down to confined aquifers through above mentioned well.2. Abut the geological conditions of the investigated area.
In the northern area of the Musashino terrace (Kiyose, Niiza, Wako etc), next geological sequence is recognized.
These strata incline toward northeast with dip of 1/70 (lower)∼ 1/180(upper) and we can recognize buried valley on the Miura group and on the Lower Tokyo formation.
These conditions are desirable for this method.3. About hydrogeological condition.
From aquifer test it is clarified that unconfined aquifer and confined aquifer have relatively large transmissibility.4. About the one example.
By the underwater T. V camera set in a deep well (Oizumi, Nerima, Tokyo) and records of water level fluctuations, the fact that unconfined water flows out from its strainer and flows in confined aquifer is observed and we examined quantitatively natural recharge volume.

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