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Survey on physical or mental health status of university students in Japan and Thailand
Kaito YamashiroShigeharu TaneiSiriporn BurapadajaFumihiko OgataNaohito Kawasaki
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2019 Volume 10 Issue 2 Pages 69-78


[Background] In Japan and Thailand, problems of physical or mental health conditions, underweight, and overweight have increased, and more people are unable to estimate the appropriate body shape. Maintaining an appropriate weight is important, and personal goal-setting, motivation, and lifestyle are particularly essential to achieve it. This study examined the relationship between physical health status, such as fatigue or stress, and BMI or mental health condition among Japanese and Thai students. [Methods] A total of 189 (108 male and 81 female) and 179 (38 male and 141 female) Japanese and Thai pharmacy students, respectively, were included as participants. A survey questionnaire was used to gather data on the participants' age, gender, weight, height, physical and mental health status, ideal body image (weight and height), health consciousness, and degree of sleep satisfaction. [Results] The desire to lose weight was higher in female than in male students in Japan. However, no significant difference was found between BMI and degree of fatigue or stress among Japanese and Thai students. Meanwhile, a significant difference between sleep satisfaction and mental health status was found among these populations. [Conclusion] Positivity factors were thought to be associated with good physical status, sleep satisfaction, and reduced fatigue or stress. Young people need to be educated on health consciousness so that they can maintain an ideal body image and a good mental health status.

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