Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing
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Performance evaluation and flow analysis of two-cylinder triangular rotor pump based on experiment and numerical simulation
Mengtian LIShucai LIXiao ZHANGQingsong ZHANGZiang WANGPengshuai HAO
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2019 年 13 巻 1 号 p. JAMDSM0003


To solve the problems of small flow and low efficiency for a reciprocating piston pump, a new type of rotary piston pump, triangular rotor pump (TRP), is proposed. Its mechanical structure and working principles are introduced and a mathematical model of the key pump structure and the design requirements for the key sealed components are presented. Experiments involving different outlet sizes and shaft speeds are performed on the AB-1.25D-type TRP. Through Fluent numerical calculation, the fluid flow line, velocity vector, and pressure distribution inside the TRP are analyzed. The results show that, for outlet size a (b) and 190(160)-r/min speed, the pump flow rate reaches a maximum of 8.83 (7.34) m3/h, the shaft power is 5.2 (5.1) kW, and the total efficiency exceeds 72%(65.7%). The numerical calculation results show that four vortices appear in the working-chamber (W-C) for different working processes and areas. The W-C pressure first increases and then decreases, and the maximum pressure occurs at the beginning of the stable full-pressure state. The experimental results for the pressure coefficient, flow coefficient, and total efficiency agree well with the numerical results. The TRP exhibits good performance and can be used in deep mine drainage, long-distance pipeline transportation, and grouting.

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