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Training protocol for touchscreen-based visual discrimination in mice
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Automated touchscreen-based tasks are increasingly being used to explore a broad range of issues in learning and behavior in mice. Researchers usually report how they train mice before acquiring a target task concisely, and shaping protocols at this stage are typically flexible. In this report, we described a training protocol, developed in our laboratory, for mice acquiring a simultaneous discrimination performance using visual stimuli. C57BL/6N mice were first given magazine training. Nosepoke responses were then authoshaped and maintained on a continuous reinforcement schedule. Self-start response was then introduced in order to measure response time to complete each trial. The stimulus position was also varied across trials. We finally examined the contrast discrimination performance. Mice were tested with four different contrast ratios. Target stimuli were white and black targets and the brightness of distractors had values between targets and background. All mice successfully went through all training stages, confirming that this training protocol is promising for shaping appropriate discriminative behaviors in mice.

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