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Characteristics of Respiratory Tracts in 11 Species of Animals under Aerosol Inhalation
Syuichi AdachiKazuo Takemoto
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1987 Volume 2 Issue 4 Pages 312-321


The difference in aerosol lung deposition due to animal species was investigated by relating it to their lung morphologies. 11 animal species were exposed to Cr2O3 particles and the deposited amounts of particles were determined by chemical analysis. In hens and pigeons, the particles deposited on the pleura conjugated to air sacs. Because of the pouch-like lungs of frog, the particles deposited on the inside wall of the lungs. Cr2O3 concentrations in the lungs were as follows : hen (8.4 mg/g dry wt.), mouse (7.1), mongolian gerbil (5.5), pigeon (3.8), dog (3,7), monkey (3.0), guinea pig (2.4), rat (1.9), hamster (1.6), frog (1,6) and rabbit (1.5). The difference seems to be related to the complexity of nasal cavity in each animal. Although rats and mice have similar structure of nasal cavity, Cr2O3 concentrations in their lungs are considerably different. Therefore, the aerosol deposition after inhalation is influenced not only by nasal cavity but also by respiration pattern, lung structure, etc.

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