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Examining the Associations between the Kinetic School Drawing Technique and the School Adaptation Capacity of Primary School Students
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2017 Volume 20 Issue 2 Pages 148-159



The study investigates the associations between the Kinetic School Drawing technique (KSD) and school adaptation. More particularly, it investigates the associations between the technique and children’s capacity to adapt to the primary school environment.


600 students from three elementary schools were participated in this study. This study carried out KSD technique, Classroom satisfaction scale (Questionnaire-Utilities), and stress measurement test, and analyzed them by elementary school lower grades, middle grades, upper grades.


Students who scored high in the assessments typically drew bright impressions, and the stories they associated with their pictures were positive. They also displayed high levels of integrity. Lower and upper grade students who scored high typically drew bright facial expressions of the teacher’s face. Middle grade students with high scores drew pictures of their own faces; the pictures displayed the front side of their faces. Upper grade students with high scores drew big figures of their teachers. In the non-adaptive group, there were many pictures that could not be judged whether it was bright or dark. The stories they associated with the pictures were negative. The integrity levels were also low. Teacher image of the non-adaptive group in the low grade group, in the drawing of the face, there were few eyes, nose, mouth pictures, and in the friends statues there were no facial expressions. In the non-adaptive group of middle grade, there were many face back self-images, and did not drew teacher or friends. Also, self-image and teacher were drawn nearby. In the non-adaptive group of the upper grade, there were many neutral facial expressions in self-image and teacher. In friends, there were many sideways faces.


The researchers have generated an adaptive index of the lower grade students involved in the study. Additionally, a new general adaptive index has also been developed.

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