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Radiation Buildup Control of Type 304 Stainless Steel in High Temperature Water Using MOCVD-oxide Films
Kazutoshi FujiwaraHiromi KanbeHideo HiranoKatsuhisa Sugimoto
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2006 Volume 55 Issue 2 Pages 61-69


The oxide films composed of Cr, Fe, and Ni elements were formed on the surface of Type 304 stainless steel by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) for the purpose of radiation buildup control and corrosion resistance improvement of the steel in high temperature water. The results of corrosion tests under simulated BWR and PWR primary water conditions showed that MOCVD films had good stability in high temperature water. The amount of radiation buildup on specimens covered with a Cr2O3 film decreased with increasing film formation temperature. From the XRD spectrum of specimens, it is presumed that the increase in the crystallinity of the film improved the corrosion resistance and reduced the radiation buildup. On the other hand, NiO-Fe2O3 films with spinel structure, such as NiFe2O4, could not reduce the radiation buildup on specimens. The incorporation of 60Co, which was used as radioisotope, into the films was observed, although the corrosion of specimens was reduced. It is concluded that the Cr2O3 film with high crystallinity improves the radiation buildup and the corrosion resistance of the steel under simulated BWR and PWR primary water conditions.

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