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Estimation of Corrosion Loss for Ni-added High Corrosion Resistant Weathering Steel based on Field Exposure Test
Isamu KageKazuhiko ShiotaniMasahiro TakemuraTsutomu KomoriAkihiko FurutaKazuaki Kyono
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2006 Volume 55 Issue 4 Pages 152-158


As for the weathering steel, it is important to judge whether to suit the environment when applying to the structure. The authors presented the expression that allowed the environmental factor and amount of corrosion loss based on the results of the atmospheric exposure tests for weathering steel (JIS-SMA) and the Ni-added high corrosion resistant weathering steels in nationwide various places.
In the present paper, the method to estimate the corrosion loss that had been proposed up to now was arranged. The characteristics of a domestic environment were clarified based on the results of the atmospheric exposure tests. In addition to the corrosion examination results of these steels in the laboratory, the corrosion estimation curve was proposed. As a result, the corrosion resistance of the weathering steel was in good agreement with the corrosion loss estimated with the past knowledge. The Ni-added high corrosion resistant weathering steel had the possibility to show higher corrosion resistance against salinity than the result estimated with weathering alloy index V-value that had been proposed up to now. In addition, the amount of corrosion loss can be decreased by giving the structure receiving the rainfall and the rust stabilization assistance processing.

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