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Evaluation of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior Around the Interface Between Alloy182 and Low Alloy Steel by KJ
Yohei SakakibaraYuu ItabashiMasahiro TakanashiGuen NakayamaTakashi HiranoTomoyuki FujiiYoshinobu ShimamuraKeiichiro Togo
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2012 Volume 61 Issue 4 Pages 177-181


Depths of inclusions in low alloy steel (LAS) and morphologies at crack tip under various mechanics conditions were investigated by modified large-scale creviced bent beam (CBB) test method for alloy182/LAS clad test pieces in high temperature oxygenated water. Mechanics conditions were described by KJ values which are K values from elasto-plastic analysis. From the data in pure water, there was good relationship between depths of inclusions in LAS and KJ values. Considered from the data in pure water and sulphat-econtaining water, sustained crack growth was observed above 75 MPa √m of KJ and sulphate containing. It was thought that sustained crack growth needs higher the crack growth rate which is a function of KJ than the oxidized rate in LAS.

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