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Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Directly Cr-plated Stainless Steels under the Volcanic Environment
Osamu YamazakiTetsutaro Ogushi
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1991 Volume 40 Issue 12 Pages 801-805


The atmospheric corrosion resistance of SUS 304·BA, SUS 430·BA, 430M·BA (modified SUS 430) and directly Cr-plated Stainless Steels were studied in volacanic Kagoshima district during three months, showing that SUS 304·BA and SUS 430·BA were strongly inferior in corrosion resistance to directly Cr-plated Stainless Steels. Juding from the potentiodynamic anodic polarization curves and the shapes of corroded surfaces measured by SEM, SUS 304· BA and SUS 430·BA had scarcely corrosion resistance against volcanic ashe attack, because the crevice corrosion was occurred under the ache and the corrosion reaction was promoted by extracted corrosive anion (especially F-) from the ashe. On the other hand, corrosion resistance of directly Cr-plated Stainless Steels were little influenced by the corrosive anion extracted from the ashe and quiet superior.

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