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Corrosion and Anticorrosion Issues in Relation to Building and Building Equipment
Hiroshi Nakajima
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2001 Volume 50 Issue 3 Pages 81-87


This report gives an outline of corrosion and anticorrosion issues in relation to building and building equipment. There are two types of corrosion. One spoils the beauty of the building, and the other spoils function of the building.
Corrosion, which spoils the beauty, is usually induced by the atmospheric phenomena. Economical and easy-maintenance anticorrosion system should be developed such as combination of ACM (atmospheric corrosion measuring) sensor and washer.
The causes of corrosion, which spoils function, are mainly classified into macro-galvanic-cell corrosion, and unintended environmental condition such as condensation, oxidizing agent (e.g. chlorine gas), and pH (e.g. carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide). The building is composed of the materials of wide-use so that defect of materials (e.g. welded area of stainless steel and carbon membrane of soft copper tube) is less likely to be the cause of corrosion. Therefore, effective anticorrosion can be planned during design phase of the building. Unfortunately, few architects and engineers have proper understandings about anticorrosion method.
It is not tolerated that the materials which can survive several decades, are abandoned within few years. Total amount of building materials is so enormous that small loss ends up to the incredibly huge loss. Global and nation-wide actions should be considered.

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