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Vol. 12 (2005) No. 4 P 319-337




Current explanations for the mirror reversal problem assume in common left and right symmetry and⁄or the three dimensional rotation about a vertical axis as the necessary condition. However, it is possible to prove that such theories include logical contradiction because of confusing understanding of the meaning of reversal on images of various objects placed in front of the plane mirror. To obtain right answer, first of all, we should have correct understanding about what is the true meaning of the mirror reversal problem itself, and also should understand different cognitive methods of the reversal of direction. A new reliable solution of the problem independent of these two assumptions (symmetry and rotation) is proposed using a new definition of our right and left based on the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. In addition, by a “vision coordinate system” or “head axes” which can be physically defined, the logic explaining the mirror reversal becomes simpler and broadly available for sophisticated cases of human mirror images

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