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Journal of Computational Science and Technology
Vol. 2 (2008) No. 1 P 281-293




The Object-Oriented technology is applied to mass transport analysis of the high-level radioactive waste repository, and the Virtual RepositoryTM code, a prototype of Object-Oriented simulation code of the repository, has been developed. With the prototype, the feasibility and effectiveness of the computation technology to the repository performance analysis code has been studied. It has been demonstrated that by applying the existing Object-Oriented technology, the repository performance analysis code has been modularized and structured under the unified calculation environment. It is also shown that by utilizing the unified calculation environment, the code can analyze the repository model composed of multiple-canisters with various waste configuration patterns, which has never been performed by the conventional approaches. The present scoping study with the prototype shows that in order to apply the Object-Oriented analysis code to practical high-level radioactive waste repository simulation, the Object-Oriented framework should be optimized for realistic high-level radioactive waste models, especially for highly non-linear phenomena.

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