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Number of Teeth, Oral Self-care, Eating Speed, and Metabolic Syndrome in an Aged Japanese Population
Mizuki SaitoYoshihiro ShimazakiToshiya NonoyamaYasushi Tadokoro
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Article ID: JE20170210


Background: Many studies have reported that oral health status is associated with various systemic health issues. This study examined the correlations among oral health, lifestyle factors, and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in aged participants.

Methods: We analyzed cross-sectional oral and medical health checkup data from 2,379 participants aged 75 and 80 years. MetS was diagnosed according to the Harmonization criteria, with the exception of the criterion for central obesity, and body mass index was used instead of waist circumference. Logistic regression analyses were performed to evaluate the correlation between oral health status and lifestyle factors and MetS in both sexes and by sex.

Results: In both sexes, the odds ratio (OR) for MetS was 1.54 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.10–2.17) among those who had 0–9 teeth compared with those with 20–28 teeth. MetS was significantly more likely for those eating quickly than those eating slowly (OR 2.06; 95% CI, 1.35–3.16). Participants using secondary oral hygiene products every day had a significantly lower OR (0.71; 95% CI, 0.55–0.92) for MetS than did those who did not. Participants with 0–9 teeth who ate quickly had a significantly higher OR (2.48; 95% CI, 1.06–5.78) for MetS compared with those with 20–28 teeth who ate slowly.

Conclusion: These results suggest that maintaining teeth, eating slowly, and using secondary oral hygiene products every day are associated with a lower likelihood of MetS in the aged population.

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