Journal of Fluid Science and Technology
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Experimental and Numerical Studies on a Low Reynolds Number Airfoil for Wind Turbine Blades
M. Rafiuddin AHMEDSumesh NARAYANM. Asid ZULLAHYoung-Ho LEE
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2011 年 6 巻 3 号 p. 357-371


Testing of a low Reynolds number airfoil designed for low speed horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) blades was performed to study its aerodynamic characteristics. Experiments were conducted at Reynolds numbers (Re) of 38,000 to 200,000 at angles of attack from -2° to 20°. The airfoil geometry was chosen after testing a number of profiles with XFOIL software. The pressure distribution, lift and drag coefficients and the flow characteristics were also studied with ANSYS-CFX software. The freestream turbulence level was increased from 1% to 5% and 10% which shifted the transition point on the upper surface upstream, resulting in increased skin friction drag for lower angles of attack due to a larger turbulent boundary layer region. The slope of the lift curve did not change much at higher turbulence levels; however, for higher angles of attack, the separation from the upper surface was delayed resulting in an increase in lift and a reduction in drag. The lift to drag ratio increased by 8% to 15% as a result of increasing the turbulence level in the angles of attack-range of interest.

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