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Isolation of a novel Co2+-resistant bacterium and the application of its siderophore in Co2+ recovery from an aqueous solution
Yukiko ShinozakiHiroko KitamotoYuka Sameshima-YamashitaAya KinoshitaToshiaki Nakajima-Kambe
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2019 Volume 65 Issue 6 Pages 273-276


Siderophores are considered to have a good potential as decontamination agents owing to their metal-chelating abilities. In order to confirm whether siderophores can be used in the recovery of metal ions, a siderophore (or metallophore) exhibiting Co2+-chelating activity was screened to demonstrate its ability to recover Co2+ from an aqueous solution. A siderophore-producing bacterium, Pandoraea sp. HCo-4B, was identified from a screen of Co2+-resistant bacteria grown in an aerobic enrichment culture with a Co2+-supplemented medium. After incubation of the crude extracted siderophore in a Co2+-containing solution, the Co2+-siderophore complex was adsorbed on to a C18 column. The bound Co2+ was eluted from the column by the addition of 10 mM H2SO4. The recovered amount of Co2+ was proportional to the amount of the added siderophore. We observed that the siderophore identified in this study binds to Co2+ at a 1:1 ratio.

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