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Comparative analysis of glyceroglycolipids from Lactiplantibacillus pentosus and other Lactiplantibacillus species
Ayako KuriHirokazu IidaKazuyoshi Kawahara
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2023 Volume 69 Issue 3 Pages 135-141


Cellular lipids of Lactiplantibacillus species were extracted and neutral glyceroglycolipids (GGLs) were purified, and analyzed by thin-layer chromatography (TLC). Four GGLs with known structures were detected in GGL preparation of L. plantarum, and the same GGL profiles of TLC were observed for all other strains of Lactiplantibacillus species examined, suggesting that the GGL profile could be one of the chemotaxonomic characters of the genus Lactiplantibacillus. On the other hand, the quantity of each GGL showed some variation among species, and L. pentosus was found to have higher proportion of disaccharide-type GGL, designated GGL-3 in this study, compared with other species including L. plantarum. The quantitative difference of GGL-3 found in this study could be regarded as the characteristics of L. pentosus. The carbohydrate structure of L. pentosus GGL-3 was precisely analyzed by 1H NMR and methylation analysis, and the structure was confirmed to be αGal-(1→2)-αGlc-diacylglycerol, with the carbohydrate structure identical to that of L. plantarum, although fatty acid composition of the two GGL-3 showed some difference.

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