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Preikestolen in the Lysefjord, Southwestern Norway

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 The Lysefjord is a fjord located in Rogaland county, southwestern Norway. The length of the fjord is about 42 km and it is situated 25 km east of Stavanger city along the North Sea. The name ‘Lysefjord’ means light fjord because the wall of the fjord is composed of light-colored granite rocks. The fjord was eroded by the action of glaciers during the last glacial age, with cliffs curving more than 1000 m on both sides. The cliff height is about 600 m and the water depth is more than 400 m around Preikestolen, which is shown in the photograph. However, near Forsand, where the Lysefjord meets another fjord, the water depth is only 13 m, because of the deposition of till sediment of glacial origin. Preikestolen is the most popular sightseeing spot along the Lysefjord because of the spectacular vertical cliffs. The name Preikestolen means a church pulpit. BASE jumpers often leap from the cliff. Preikestolen is not located in an easily accessible place. It takes about one hour from Stavanger city by ferry and bus, then two hours hard walk.

(Photograph & Explanation: Hideaki MAEMOKU; August 16, 2014)

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