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On-Land Detecting a Motionally Induced Electric Field: Test Measurements in Northern Finland
N. A. PalshinP. KaikkonenL. L. VanyanJ. TiikkainenV. H. Rukol
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1997 年 49 巻 11-12 号 p. 1343-1350


Test measurements of the electric voltage in Kilpisjärvi, northern Finland during September 9-October 12, 1995 were made with the aim of studying the possibility of detecting a motionally induced electric field by means of a horizontal electric dipole 3800 meters in length located at a distance of about 50 km from the nearest fjord of the Norwegian Sea. In addition to the electric voltage we measured at Kilpisjärvi, the water level, magnetic field and meteorological data from Tromsø, Norway, the meteorological data from Kilpisjärvi and the magnetic field data from Sodankylä, Finland were used in analysis. Raw data were preprocessed to eliminate non-stationarities (remove outliers) and to remove solar daily variations, and were then smoothed. No significant influence of the local temperature, humidity and rainfall on the smoothed voltages was found. Probably due to a source effect the voltage was not coherent with the magnetic field from Tromsø and Sodankylä. The long-period anomaly with the period of about 16 days was observed in the smoothed voltage, water level and air pressure. More data are necessary to derive a definite conclusion about the nature of the observed phenomenon, which is probably associated with direct atmospheric forcing on the coastal zone of the Norwegian Sea.

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