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Vol. 20 (2014) p. 231-242



The performance of the product and the design time are influenced by the design process. Therefore, it is very important to advance the design in an appropriate design process. However, the design process generally relies on the experiences of the designer and it is difficult to examine their characteristics. In this study, design process of ship principal particulars is optimized by using the optimization technique. Moreover, the features of the optimized design processes are examined. Characteristics of this paper are following points; ・ The optimum design process is generated by using the Wildcard Genetic Algorithm which can deal with the uncertainty of product information. ・ By executing the optimization, two kinds of design processes are generated i.e. performance valuing process and feasibility valuing process. ・ Characteristics of the optimized design processes are analyzed by using our design support system in which dependency of the information and changes in the variation range of constraints and objective functions according to the progress of the design are visualized. In this paper, optimization method of design process and the results of the optimization are shown. Moreover, overview of our design support system and features of the optimized design process are discussed. As a result, effectiveness of the proposed system is confirmed.

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