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Subjective Adjustment Among Graduates of Correspondence High Schools: Impact of the Frequency of Support School Use, Post-Graduation Career Paths, and School Evaluation
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2022 Volume 38 Issue 2 Pages 17-28


This study examined the factors that affected subjective adjustment in graduates of correspondence high schools, and analyzed the impact of the frequency of support school use, post-graduation career paths, and school evaluation on this adjustment. A self-administered questionnaire was mailed to graduates of correspondence high schools, and 71 (39 males and 32 females) participants, who returned them with valid responses, were included in the analysis. The results revealed that there was no relationship between the frequency of support schools use as a place for building friendships and participating in group activities and subjective adjustment. Certain career paths after graduation had a partial effect on subjective adjustment. Graduates who positively evaluated their school in terms of friendships and group activities had higher subjective levels of adjustment. Thus, subjective adjustment was not related to the frequency of support schools use, but was related to students’ positive perception of interpersonal interactions. This suggest the importance of efforts to promote the recovery of students who have experienced maladjustment. In addition, we discuss the future of support schools.

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