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An Examination of VR Sickness Reduction using Motion Platform
-From the Viewpoint of Torsional Visual Motion Stimuli-
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2021 Volume 57 Issue 3 Pages 111-118


In this study, control methods of motion platform to reduce the discomfort related to virtual reality (VR) sickness were investigated experimentally targeted at torsional visual motion stimulus. Motion platform is a device for moving the entire body to add a vestibular sensation and is often used to reduce VR sickness. Torsional visual motion stimulus is generally thought to induce motion sickness easily. In this experiment, the participants were asked to observe the VR torsional visual motion stimulus under three conditions with different control of motion platform, then a questionnaire survey of emotion was conducted using Self-Assessment Manikin. In addition, their torsional eye movement during the experiments was observed. The participants were 20 university students. As a result, it was found that tilting motion platform in the direction of rotation or vice versa of the stimulus was effective in reduction of discomfort. Furthermore, it was suggested that the mechanism of reduction of discomfort was different depending on the control methods of motion platform.

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