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The Relationship between Forest Environmental Awareness and Forest Experience from a Questionnaire Survey in Japan and China
Wan Li Katsuhisa Ito
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2022 Volume 104 Issue 2 Pages 82-91


In this study, we conducted a questionnaire survey on forest awareness and forest experience in Japan and China to clarify their characteristics and relationships. The results of the analysis showed that there were clear differences in forest awareness and forest experience between Japan and China. In Japan, there were differences in forest awareness and forest experience, based on age group. In contrast, in China, there was no difference between generations in forest awareness and forest experience. In China, the same “tree-planting experience” of compulsory afforestation and the “conceptual experience” from learning influenced the common forest awareness among all generations. Considering the transition in the relationship of people with forests in Japan and China, it was found that forest experience during the childhood of each age group influenced the forest awareness both in Japan and China. In addition, based on region group there was no difference in forest awareness and forest experience in Japan and China. This suggests that there is a need for more detailed forest environmental education and forest experience programs tailored to the forest conditions of each region.

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