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Understanding the Current Situation and Process of Unauthorized Logging in the Southern Kyushu Region of Japan
Nariaki Onda Nobuyuki Tsuzuki
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2022 Volume 104 Issue 2 Pages 92-98


This study elucidated the occurrence and process of unauthorized logging in the southern Kyushu region of Japan. In 2020, a questionnaire survey was conducted among 502 forest owners living in a municipality that reported unauthorized logging, and 161 responses (32%) were received. Results from the survey revealed that 7% of owners sustained damages from unauthorized logging, whereas 12% of owners were unaware of any damages that had occurred. The results from classifying and comparing the damages caused by unauthorized logging into three categories, including damaged owners, non-damaged owners, and non-cognitive owners, indicated no differences in the cadastral survey progress between damaged and non-damaged forestland. However, it was suggested that unregistered forests might be vulnerable to damage. Owners unaware of the damage were less aware of the forest area they owned. Further, interviews with seven victims of unauthorized logging confirmed that the malpractices of unauthorized logging included unreported logging, boundary invasion, and forging the logging notification. Confirming the submitted logging notification on-site was deemed necessary to resolve the issue of forging notifications. Therefore, this study raises concerns about the spread of unauthorized logging in forests where owner awareness is low.

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