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Lek-Like Courtship by Males, and Multiple Spawnings by Females of Synodus dermatogenys (Synodontidae)
Terry J. Donaldson
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1990 Volume 37 Issue 3 Pages 292-301


Courtship and spawning behavior of the lizardfish Synodus dermatogenys (Synodontidae) was observed at Wing Beach, Saipan, Mariana Islands. This species displayed lek-like behavior in that males aggregated for courtship at a definite site just before sunset and engaged in male-male aggressive interactions prior to and after the arrival of females for courtship.Male-male interactions continued at the site during courtship bouts with females and after spawning had been completed. Females made multiple (1-3) spawnings each night that lek-like behavior was observed. These spawnings began as a paired pelagic ascent but became multi-male group spawnings as additional males (2-7) joined the pair in the water column. Paired spawning occurred only when two individuals, a male and female, were present at the courtship site. Females spawned only once a night when paired spawnings occurred.

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