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Three Monosyllables for Standard Words in Nasometer Test: To Evaluate Air Leakage in Maxillectomy Patients
Chaivut PrunkngarmpunYuka I. SumitaHisashi Taniguchi
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2008 Volume 52 Issue 4 Pages 507-512


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to establish an evaluation method using a Nasometer, with several monosyllabic test words, to reveal the level of air leakage in maxillectomy patients without limitations due to language or ability to read.
Methods: 20 normal Japanese (Group 1) and 20 international adults (Group 2), were asked to read 7 monosyllables, (5 vowels and 2 combined vowels, /a/, /i/, /u/, /e/, /o/, /am/, /aj/), 6 times each and 12 Japanese maxillectomy patients (Group 3) were asked to read only 3 monosyllables (/a/, /am/, /aj/) 6 times each. The “Nasalance Score” was calculated using a Nasometer (Nasometer II, model 6400 KayPentax, Lincoln Park, NJ, USA).
Results: Coefficient of variations (CVs) of three monosyllables /a/, /am/, /aj/ of Group 1 and Group 2 showed less than 0.33. There is significant difference in all pairs of three monosyllables between Group 1 and Group 3 (p < 0.05).
Conclusion: Using a Nasometer, these three monosyllables, /a/, /am/ and /aj/, could be used as standard test words and could reveal the level of air leakage in maxillectomy patients.

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