Journal of Prosthodontic Research
Journal of Prosthodontic Research (JPR) is published 4 times annually, in January, April, July, and October, under the supervision of the JPR Editorial Committee of the Japan Prosthodontic Society, which selects all materials submitted for publication.

JPR originated as the official journal of the Japan Prosthodontic Society. It has continued to grow as a leading journal of prosthodontic research covering all aspects of oral and occlusal rehabilitation, fixed/removable prosthodontics, oral implantology, and applied oral biology and physiology. The Journal will cover all diagnostic and clinical management aspects necessary to reestablish subjective and objective harmonious oral aesthetics and function.

The most-targeted topics:
1)     Clinical Epidemiology and Prosthodontics
2)     Fixed/Removable Prosthodontics
3)     Oral Implantology
4)     Geriatric Dentistry
5)     Dental Materials / Adhesive Dentistry / Aesthetic Dentistry
6)     Digital Dentistry
7)     Oral Physiology and Biomechanics (Masticating and Swallowing Function, Parafunction, e.g., bruxism)
8)     Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs)
9)     Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Dysphagia Rehabilitation
10)   Prosthodontics-Related Biosciences (Regenerative Medicine, Bone Biology, Mechanobiology, Microbiology/Immunology)

Prosthodontic treatment may become necessary as a result of developmental or acquired disturbances in the orofacial region, orofacial trauma, or a variety of dental and oral diseases and orofacial pain conditions.

The scientific content of the Journal, therefore, strives to reflect the best of evidence-based clinical dentistry. Modern clinical management should be based on solid scientific evidence, gathered about diagnostic procedures and the properties and efficacy of the chosen intervention. The content of the Journal also includes documentation of the possible side-effects of rehabilitation, as well as prognostic perspectives of the treatment modalities chosen.

The Journal focuses on presenting original research findings and original technical appraisals, as also critical reviews and relevant case reports, and stimulating commentaries and professional debates in the Letters to the Editor column.
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Featured article
Effect of filler contents on the bond strength of CAD/CAM resin crowns: New resin primer versus conventional silane agents Read more
Editor's pick

A groundbreaking study has emerged with the potential to revolutionize dental treatments. The latest research has focused on the adhesive strength of resin composite crowns fabricated using CAD/CAM technology. This study compared the efficacy of a novel resin primer containing methyl methacrylate (MMA) with those of conventional silane agents. The results showed that treatment with MMA-containing primers improved the adhesion between the resin composite blocks and resin cement. In addition, the MMA-containing primer formed a 5-10 μm layer at the interface, exhibiting a distinct adhesion mechanism via silane treatment. These findings provide major insights into the development of novel bonding protocols for dental care. Expectations are high for future advancements in the theory of adhesion mechanisms.

Ceramic partial laminate veneers in anterior teeth: A literature review Read more
Editor's pick

This literature review explored small ceramic restorations adhesively luted onto unprepared anterior teeth, also known as partial laminate veneers, fabricated from traditional ceramic and/or resin composite. From an electronic search, laboratory studies have suggested promising mechanical and optical performances for partial laminate veneers, and clinical reports have highlighted the large variability in material selection and application protocols. Overall, the review suggests comparable performance to traditional veneers but also indicates low-quality evidence for ceramic partial laminate veneers, thus emphasizing the need for further clinical studies with extended follow-up periods to confirm their effectiveness.

Marginal adaptation and fracture resistance of milled and 3D-printed CAD/CAM hybrid dental crown materials with various occlusal thicknesses Read more
Editor's pick

This study evaluated the marginal fit and durability of three types of hybrid dental materials with varying occlusal thicknesses. The results showed superior marginal adaptation for 3D printed crowns, and all materials could withstand normal chewing force, even at a minimal thickness of 0.8 mm.

Implant-assisted removable partial dentures: Part I. a scoping review of clinical applications Read more
Editor's pick

The authors performed a scoping review to determine the current scientific status of implant-assisted removable partial dentures (IARPDs) by focusing on the length and diameter of dental implants, implant placement sites, loading protocols, IARPDs designs, selection of attachments, cost-effectiveness,  and biological/technical complications. Overall , the clinical outcomes were acceptable with several types of biological/technical complications.

Visualization of droplets and aerosols in simulated dental treatments to clarify the effectiveness of oral suction devices Read more
Editor's pick

Provided the risks of infection during a pandemic, the hazards of aerosols generated during dental treatments should be understood. This study established visualization methods, discovered conditions for droplets/aerosols generated in simulating dental treatments, and identified the conditions for effective suction methods. Consequently, these findings aid in appropriate protection from communicable diseases in dental-care environments.

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