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Characteristics of psychiatric nurses’ observation techniques for psychopathological symptoms
Shinichi ChibaMasahito TomotakeRie TsutsumiTatsuya KomatsuTakuma Mukumoto
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2021 年 68 巻 3.4 号 p. 271-275


The purpose of this study was to clarify characteristics of psychiatric nurses’ observation techniques for psychopathological symptoms. The subjects were 21 psychiatric nurses and 20 nursing students who had finished their practicum in psychiatric nursing. Using a non-contact eye-tracking analysis system, we compared quantitatively their radial motion while they were observing psychopathological symptoms of a schizophrenia simulation patient. The radial motion of them was recorded while they were observing a video of a simulated patient presenting psychopathological symptoms, and the recording was analyzed by the eye-tracking system. The investigator set the important observation areas and determined the sum of the fixation time and the number of fixations in the areas. Differences between psychiatric nurses and nursing students were tested using the Mann-Whitney U-test. The results revealed a significant difference in observation of the upper limbs area with a median of 7147.90 msec for nurses group and a median of 2447.54 msec for students group (U = 98.00, p = 0.01). The finding suggests that nurses tend to pay more attention to patient’s upper limbs to be cautious about possible violence and to find agitation caused by psychopathological symptoms, extrapyramidal adverse effects, and scars caused by self-mutilation. J. Med. Invest. 68 : 271-275, August, 2021

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