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Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences
Vol. 101 (2006) No. 5 October P 265-269




The crystal structure of a single crystal of synthetic hydrous forsterite, (Mg1.985Si0.993H0.06O4), synthesized at T = 1300 °C and P = 13.5 GPa has been investigated using X-ray diffractometry and unpolarized infrared absorption spectroscopy. The data show an Mg atom occupancy of 98.6(2)% at the M(1) site and 99.9(2)% at the M(2) site, indicating that the cation vacancies predominantly occur at the M(1) site. A comparison of the calculated bond distances shows that the most probable H atom locations are at the O(2) and O(3) sites, where H may be located in association with the vacancy at the M(1) or the T site, forming hydrogen bonds between two oxygen pairs, O(3)-O(1) and O(2)-O(1), which correspond to the OH stretching vibrations at 3566 cm−1 and 3612 cm−1 observed in the IR spectra.

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