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A Study of Zonal Wavenumber 1 Rossby-Gravity Wave Using Long-Term Reanalysis Data for the Whole Neutral Atmosphere
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Article ID: 2024-029


 The dynamical characteristics of the zonal wavenumber 1 (s = 1) Rossby-gravity (RG) wave are examined using recently available reanalysis data for the whole neutral atmosphere over 16 years. An isolated peak is detected in the two-dimensional zonal wavenumber-frequency spectra that likely corresponds to the theoretically-expected s = 1 RG mode at heights of z = 30, 50, 65, and 80 km. The wave period of the spectral peak is approximately 1.3 days, which is close to one day. The s = 1 RG wave is successfully extracted using a band-pass filter after removing the diurnal tide with quite large amplitudes. The s = 1 RG wave exhibits a characteristic seasonal variation: the geopotential height amplitudes are largest in the winter hemisphere in the stratosphere and lower mesosphere while enhancement is observed in both the winter and summer hemispheres in the upper mesosphere. Phase structures are examined in detail for a strong case. The horizontal phase structure at each height is consistent with the normal mode theory. The vertical phase structure is approximately barotropic from the lower stratosphere to the upper mesosphere at 30°N and 30°S where the amplitudes are large.

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