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Daily and Annual Periodie Deformation of the Earth Crust due to the Earth Temperature
H. Arakawa
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1932 Volume 10 Issue 11 Pages 637-640


Here I have treated the effect of the daily and annual changes of temperature on the deformation of the earth crust, approximately, and I have concluded that: (I) There are also the daily and annual changes of the deformation of the earth crust. (II) The magnitudes of deformation at the surface are at most 10-3 cm for a day and 10-1 cm for a year. (III) The magnitude of deformation decreases as the depth increases. (IV) The phase difference between each harmonic of the temperature and the deformation is π/4, i. e., 3 hours for the daily change and 1 1/2 months for the annual change. (V) The thermal stress is negligibly small in the interior of the earth.

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