Journal of Neuroendovascular Therapy
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Case Reports
A Patient in Whom Antegrade Blood Flow Blockage with a Balloon Guiding Catheter Was Effective for External Iliac Artery Rupture on Sheath Insertion
Jun NiimiKenta TasakaKenichiro SuyamaFumio NemotoTakuya MoriwakiKazumi HatayamaHiromichi Naito
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2018 年 12 巻 10 号 p. 503-506


Objective: We report a patient in whom antegrade blood flow blockage with a balloon guiding catheter was effective for external iliac artery (EIA) rupture on 9 Fr sheath insertion.

Case Presentation: Thrombectomy was selected for a 76-year-old male in the acute phase of cerebral infarction. The right common femoral artery (CFA) was punctured, and a 4 Fr sheath was exchanged for a 9 Fr sheath. At this point, EIA rupture occurred, causing shock. Hemostasis was not achieved by manual compression. The contralateral CFA was punctured, and a 9 Fr OPTIMO (Tokai Medical Products, Aichi, Japan) was guided to proximal side of the point of rupture. His blood pressure was stabilized by blocking antegrade blood flow via balloon inflation. Artificial blood vessel replacement was performed, leading to a favorable outcome.

Conclusion: Antegrade blood flow blockage with a balloon was effective for EIA rupture.

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