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2003 年 70 巻 5 号 p. 416-421


Purpose: To study the relationship of angles in adult sacroiliac joints (SJ) with laterality, age, gender, degeneration, childbearing in different locations.Methods: The study was performed in 92 healthy Japanese adult volunteers (46 males and 46 females, aged 21∼86 years) who had no low back complaints. Axial computed tomographic (CT) images were obtained using an X-VIGOR apparatus (Toshiba Medical Inc. Japan). The angle measurements were taken directly using soft NIH Image 1.61 (Scion Inc. USA). We examined possible factors. Statistical evaluation was calculated using t-test by soft SPSS (SPSS Inc. Japan).Results: Our findings indicated that SJ angles had no relationships with laterality, gender. But from upper part to lower part, the average of SJ angle was 7.61°±8.7°, 5.16°±7.3°, -0.85°±7.3°respectively in the left and 6.56°±9.4°, 4.10°±7.2°, -2.30°±7.0°in the right. The difference is significant between lower part and upper-middle part (P<0.05).Conclusion: Our results provided new anatomic and morphological data for better understandings of SJ in the clinic work.

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