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Quantification of Polyphenols and Pharmacological Analysis of Water and Ethanol-Based Extracts of Cultivated Agarwood Leaves
Tetsuro ITOMamoru KAKINOShigemi TAZAWATatsuya WATARAIMasayoshi OYAMAHiroe MARUYAMAYoko ARAKIHideaki HARAMunekazu IINUMA
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2012 Volume 58 Issue 2 Pages 136-142


Mangiferin (3) and genkwanin 5-O-β-primeveroside (5) are the two major bioactive polyphenols with laxative property present in the extracts of agarwood (Aquilaria sinensis) leaves (AL). Here we developed an HPLC method to determine these bioactive components and four other major polyphenols in AL extracts and evaluated the pharmacological equivalence of organic and water extracts. Using mobile phase gradient conditions combined with UV detection at 330 nm, all six compounds were separated and we determined the relative extraction ratios of the six compounds present in A. sinensis extracts that were prepared under different conditions and compared the contents of the two laxative polyphenols present in the 60% ethanol extracts of A. sinensis and A. crassna. The polyphenols present in water extracts of 13 commercially cultivated A. crassna plants have also been analyzed. The laxative properties of 60% ethanol and four water extracts of A. crassna were evaluated by the frequency and weight of stools in loperamide-induced constipation model mice. The pharmacological equivalence of 60% ethanol extract and hot water (95°C) extract was identified in mice.

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