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Exercise training reduces workload, improves physical performance, and promotes overall health in welders
Christopher Weyh Christian PilatTorsten FrechKarsten KrügerThomas ReichelFrank-Christoph Mooren
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2020 年 62 巻 1 号 論文ID: e12122


Objectives: Welders demonstrate a significant prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders as indicated by high rates of illness-related absenteeism. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of a 24-week exercise program on workload, physical performance, and overall health in welders.

Methods: Seventy-seven professional welders were assigned to either a control group (CG), an endurance training group (ETG), or a strength training group (STG). Both groups conducted a 24-week, standardized and progressive endurance or resistance exercise training program. Before (TP1) and after training (TP2) all participants performed an experimental welding task (EWT) in order to test the hypothesis that training would reduce the relative load (%MVC) of eight skeletal muscles measured by surface electromyography. Secondary outcome measures included further EWT-induced stress parameters and a series of health-related outcome measures.

Results: Results revealed a lower muscle load in participants of the ETG and STG for trapezius muscle at TP2 compared to T1 (P < .05 vs CG). Rate of perceived exertion and visual analogue scale were decreased, while increase of maximum EWT duration was found in participants of the ETG and STG after training (P < .05 vs CG). At T2, body fat (%) decreased and physical performance (bicycle exercise test, isometric strength of core muscles) increased in ETG and STG (P < .05).

Conclusion: Both regular endurance and strength training represent effective strategies for reducing workload and improving physical performance of welders. The results emphasize the importance of physical fitness for welders and might motivate health professionals in steel-industry to offer access to exercise training programs.



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