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Vol. 70 (1958) No. 7 P 2533-2540



1. I took 5.520 (2.740 males and 2.780 females) of the people living in the southern part of Satuma Peninsula as examples of the southern Kyushu inhabitants from among all the Japanese of Kyushu to examine the frequency of the occurrence of the four basic fingerprints. And of the four prints in the cast of males, a type is 1.5%±0.07%; r type 3.2%±0.1%; u type 54.6%±0.30%; and w type 40.7%±0.29%. And in the case of females, a type is 2.1%±0.08%, r type 2.6%±0.09%, u type 59.1%±0.29%, and w type 36.2%±0.28%.
2. When the above mentioned frequency of the occurrence of each of the four basic fingerprints is compared with that of the representative one of the Japanese rase, it is found that there is a resemblance to east-share people of Koshikijima (Kagoshima Prefecture), and the Indonesians (Java) as southern race.

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