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The association between bilateral maximum occlusal force and all-cause mortality among community-dwelling older adults: The Tsurugaya project
Takashi OhiTakamasa KomiyamaYoshitada MiyoshiTakahisa MurakamiAkito TsuboiYasutake TomataIchiro TsujiMakoto WatanabeYoshinori Hattori
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2020 Volume 64 Issue 3 Pages 289-295


Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between the bilateral maximum occlusal force (MOF) of full dental arches and all-cause mortality in a group of community-dwelling older males and females in Japan.

Methods: This 13-year prospective cohort study was conducted among 815 older adults (395 male and 420 female) aged 70-years or over (mean age ± standard deviation: 75.1 ± 4.5-years). Bilateral MOF in the intercuspal position was recorded with horseshoe-shaped pressure-sensitive film. Participants were grouped by gender into tertiles according to MOF. Demographic variables, chronicity, comorbidity, physical status, cognitive and psychological status, social functioning, and blood chemistry data were also assessed. Information regarding all-cause mortality and migration was obtained from the Sendai Municipal Authority. Cox proportional hazard modeling was performed to assess all-cause mortality during the follow-up period.

Results: In total, 159 male and 109 female participants died over a median 12.9-year follow-up period, and the cumulative mortality significantly increased with lower MOF in both males and females. The multivariate Cox proportional hazard model demonstrated a significant increase in the risk of all-cause mortality associated with lower tertiles of MOF, relative to the upper tertile in males (hazard ratio: 1.62; 95% confidence interval: 1.05-2.51) and females (hazard ratio: 1.94; 95% confidence interval: 1.10-3.56).

Conclusions: There was a significant and independent association of bilateral MOF with all-cause mortality in community-dwelling elderly males and females in Japan. These findings suggested that maintenance of oral functioning contributes to general health.

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