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Long-term observation of periodontal condition following placement of removable partial dentures with rigid retainers and major connector in patients with/without diabetes: A retrospective study.
Chie WatanabeJunichiro WadaTomiharu NagayamaHirofumi UchidaKoji MizutaniRichard M. FoxtonYo ShibataNoriyuki Wakabayashi
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Article ID: JPR_D_20_00288


Purpose: This retrospective study evaluated the periodontal tissues of the abutment teeth of removable partial dentures (RPDs) with rigid retainers and major connectors in patients with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D).
Methods: A total of 313 patients who had been treated with RPDs, including rigid retainers and major connectors, were divided into two groups: T2D and non-T2D. The periodontal parameters and radiographic bone heights of the abutment teeth were evaluated at baseline and at a 5-year examination during supportive periodontal therapy (SPT). For patients with accessible standardized radiographs, bone density was analyzed based on the gray level (GL) using digital subtraction radiography (n = 83).
Results: Overall, 739 abutment teeth (86 in the T2D group) of 235 patients (25 in the T2D group) were analyzed, and 95.0% (94.2% in the T2D group, and 95.2% in the non-T2D group) were maintained. The mean probing pocket depth significantly increased in both groups ( p < 0.001). There were significant changes in the radiographic bone height (p = 0.038) and GL on the side of the denture base area (p = 0.048) in the T2D group compared to those in the non-T2D group.
Conclusions: Regardless of T2D, RPDs with rigid retainers and major connectors could prevent the progression of periodontal disease and successfully maintain most of the abutment teeth during 5-years of SPT. However, T2D may be significantly associated with loss of bone height reduction and density on the side of the denture base area.

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