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Physical Fitness and Exercise Endurance Measured by Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Stroke Patients
Masahito MurakamiJunichi KatohMasao HirayamaMichiko HayakawaToshirou TanizakiHiroshi Furukawa
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2002 年 14 巻 2 号 p. 73-76


Hemiparetic stroke patients have both decreased oxygen consumption and low endurance to exercise. This study examined their physical fitness to quantify the initial deficit and change in oxygen uptake kinetics (VO2 kinetics) during inpatients rehabilitation following stroke. Twenty-nine ambulatory hemiparetic stroke patients were treated in an 8-week program of low intensity aerobic exercise. They undertook a bicycle ergometer test with gas analysis before and after the exercise program to obtain maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 peak), maximum work load (max WR), and VO2 kinetics data. The time constant (τon) and O2 deficit on constant load after exercise training were significantly lower than those in initial measurement by 17% and 10%, respectively. On the incremental load, VO2 peak and max WR were significantly increased by 16% and 17% respectively and ΔVO 2/ΔWR was decreased by 11%. These results show that low-intensity endurance training produces energy efficiency of oxygen uptake kinetics and improves the physical fitness of ambulatory hemiparetic stroke patients.

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