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Influence of Compression Types on Hand Function: A Preliminary Investigation
Hyeonsook RheeJaeho YuSungjoong Kim
ジャーナル フリー

2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 477-480


[Purpose] The aim of this preliminary study was to determine the influence of compression types on hand function in asymptomatic subjects and to collect baseline data for the comparison of hand function in patients with chronic arm lymphedema. [Methods] The subjects of this study were 32 healthy female volunteers with a mean age of 44.97 years. Hand function and grip strength were tested under the three conditions (no compression, garment, and bandage condition) using the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test (JTHFT) and a hand-held Jamar dynamometer. The experimental order was randomized to minimize order effects on the results. [Results] The time needed to complete all of the subtests increased as the thickness of the compression materials increased, and grip strength in the bandage condition was the smallest under each condition. Pearson's correlation coefficient indicated moderate to high correlations ranging from —0.357 to —0.779. [Conclusion] The results of this study suggest that the grip strength and hand function scores are influenced by the characteristics of the compression type. A future study is needed to determine the level of hand function between patients with chronic arm lymphedema and healthy individuals.

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