Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems
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Performance Assessment of Automated Irrigation Network in the Nile Delta
Ahmed MohsenYoshinobu KitamuraKatsuyuki ShimizuIchiro Kita
ジャーナル フリー

2013 年 18 巻 2 号 p. 7-15


Egypt is implementing more effective irrigation technology to improve its existing irrigation networks in the Nile Delta. Improvements consist of a demand delivery system using mechanical gate structures and controllers to automatically divert water from one portion of a network to another in the desired amount and sequence. We evaluated the irrigation network system under government management before and after these improvements in the existing irrigation networks in the Nile Delta. The overall results indicate that irrigation networks by traditional rotation systems is unsuitable for irrigation districts located at the end of large irrigation networks in the Nile Delta, while, the demand delivery concept is successful in improving water delivery performance over that of the traditional rotation delivery concept used previously. The new system provided fair shares of water among irrigation districts and allows the irrigation districts to deliver water from main system whenever they need it and any time. In addition, the automation improves efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility of canal system.

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