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The Influence of Bottom Sediment Redox State on Water Quality Dynamics under Long-term Anoxic Conditions in an Organically Polluted Reservoir
Tran Tuan ThachMasayoshi HaradaKazuaki HiramatsuToshinori Tabata
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2018 年 24 巻 1 号 p. 23-31


  This study involved regular observations for four years in the reservoir, in which overabundant organic matter was prominent due to humic acid, to evaluate the water quality dynamic near the bottom during long-term anoxic periods. Based on the temporal changes of dissolved oxygen, nitrate-nitrogen, ammonia-nitrogen, phosphate-phosphorus, sulfide, total iron ions and sulfate, this study focused specifically on the influence of the redox state of the sediment surface during the early stage of thermal stratification on the anaerobic biochemical reactions. As a result, nitrate-nitrogen started to decrease to zero due to denitrification as soon as the anoxic sate occurred, and then both ammonia-nitrogen and phosphate-phosphorus increased linearly with time due to iron reduction after nitrate-nitrogen had decreased to zero. Sulfide began to increase linearly due to sulfate reduction as soon as nitrate-nitrogen disappeared. Also, the initial redox state of sediment impacted on the change characteristics of phosphate-phosphorus, ammonia-nitrogen and sulfide in the points of increasing timings, duration and rates. It was concluded that our results would provide important finding about the mechanisms of aqueous environmental deterioration due to organic pollution as well as beneficial information for the modification of water quality prediction model.

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