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The development of fish farming in Japan and its presence in the local communities
The development of fish farming of yellow tail and its reorganization beyond the local communities
Masaaki SANO
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2015 Volume 55 Issue 2-3 Pages 67-90


The cause of the depression of fish farming in Japan is the price problem. It will be necessary to discuss about the new administration style of fish farming from a viewpoint of modern global market system.

The essential function of fish farming is stabilization in quantity and quality. Then, farmed fish has got great popularity and become low price commodity. Modern fish farming industry must try to produce lots of fish to reduce production cost. It also must have good channel to the international market to sell them.

In the real cases researched, to have the channel to the international market is the important key of success. It must pay enough attention to the local community around it but it must be a global industry now.

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