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Protective Effect of Polysaccharides Isolated from Tremella fuciformis against Radiation-induced Damage in Mice
Wenqing XUXiu SHENFujun YANGYing HANRuifeng LIDan XUEChengfeng JIANG
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2012 年 53 巻 3 号 p. 353-360


WTF-B, a type of water-soluble homogeneous polysaccharide, was isolated and purified from Tremella Fuciformis. To investigate the radioprotective effect of WTF-B, we employed a 30-day survival assay. Mice were treated with WTF-B once per day for three consecutive days before 8-Gy gamma irradiation. The treatment groups receiving 54 and 72 mg/kg body weight (b.w.) of WTF-B showed 50% survival post-irradiation. The hematological parameters of the peripheral blood indicated that WTF-B, when administered at doses of 72 mg/kg b.w., significantly restored hemoglobin, white blood cell counts and red blood cell counts by the 14th day and 18th day. In addition, spleen colony forming units (CFU-S), the number of nucleated cells in bone marrow (BMNC) and spleen index were used to investigate the radioprotective effect of WTF-B on the hematopoietic system. The treatment groups receiving WTF-B at 18, 54 and 72 mg/kg b.w. doses presented significantly higher BMNC compared to radiation-only group. The group administered 72 mg/kg b.w. WTF-B presented a significant change in CFU-S compared to the radiation-only group. We also completed micronucleus and chromosome aberration assays to explore genotoxicity. The results of those assays indicated that the number of micronuclei induced by 2-Gy irradiation in a group treated with 72 mg/kg b.w. WTF-B decreased from 30.30‰ to 11.32‰. The chromosomal aberration produced by 3-Gy irradiation in the group receiving 72 mg/kg b.w. WTF-B decreased from 56.01% to 28.13%. The results of the present study indicate a potential use for WTF-B as a radioprotector.



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