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Genetic diversity of the wx flanking region in rice landraces in northern Laos
Chiaki MutoRyuji IshikawaKenneth M. OlsenKazuaki KawanoChay BounphanousayToru MatohYo-Ichiro Sato
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A glutinous texture of endosperm is one of the important traits of rice (Oyza sativa L.). Northern Laos is known as a center of glutinous rice diversity. We genotyped INDEL, SSR and SNP markers in a sample of 297 rice landraces collected in northern Laos. These glutinous varieties were confirmed to share a loss-of-function mutation in Granule bound starch synthase I (Wx). INDEL markers revealed a high frequency of recombinant genotypes between indica and japonica. Principal component analysis using SSR genotypes of Wx flanking region revealed that glutinous indica landraces were scattered between non-glutinous indica and glutinous-japonica types. High ratios of heterozygosity were found especially in glutinous indica. Haplotype analysis using SNP markers around Wx locus revealed that glutinous indica landraces would have a few chromosome segments of glutinous japonica. Frequent recombinations were confirmed outside of this region in glutinous indica. This intricate genetic structure of landraces suggested that glutinous indica landraces in Laos were generated through repeated natural crossing with glutinous-japonica landraces and severe selection by local farmers.

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