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Analysis of genetic diversity and discrimination of Oil Palm DxP populations based on the origins of pisifera elite parents
Upit SarimanaJavier HerreroPratiwi ErikaNurcahyono IndartoFahmi WendraBaitha SantikaEnrique RitterZulhermana SembiringDwi Asmono
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A total of 251 Dura cross Pisifera (DxP) hybrid palms from six populations descending from six parental African Pisifera origins and involving 12 progenies were analyzed with 19 selected Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) markers. A total of 110 alleles were produced, ranging from three to eight per SSR, with a mean of 5.8 alleles per SSR locus. Of these, 68.5% were considered shared alleles by more than one population and the remaining 31.5% were population specific alleles. They generated between six and 21 haplotypes in all populations, and depending on the SSR marker, between one and 10 haplotypes within populations. Various parameters for analyzing genetic variability, differentiation and genetic structure were computed using GenAlEx, Structure and Darwin software. The obtained results confirmed microsatellites as a robust, feasible and trustful method for obtaining DNA fingerprints, tracing the source of oil palm samples. With respect to the authenticity of materials or for solving legitimacy issues, accession belonging to each population by SSR markers could be distinguished, but additional SSR should be screened for improving this process.

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